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Welcome to Bali Nusa Tenun

Tenun fabric is handmade fabric made by crisscrossing lusi threads (the threads ried on a woven fabric) with pakan (woof) The weave is made to follow a certain pattern that makes a piece of fabric. The Balinese hand woven tenun is known as “Kain Endek”. Kain Endek is created using “ikat pakan” (crisscrossing) technique. Ikat pakan is a set of woof whose patterns are created by tying parts of the wood before it is dyed. Thus results in some part of the woof that is not dyed. To create more than two colors, the woof can be colored additionallu after dying.

Bali Nusa is a textile company based in bali with its unique vision to conserve the balinese heritage fabrics known as “endek”. Our mission is to bring “endek” to penetrate the modern fashion world and introduce it to broader market at national stage or even international.